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Fundraiser Garage Sale! 

Welcome to our online garage sale, over the last few years while setting up our business we have accumulated a bunch of items we no longer need. As such its time to sell them off and raise some funds for the development of our outhouse “Disabled” bathroom at the Glampsite.

We converted an existing pit style outhouse into a fantastic and very cool outhouse with the aim of having it usable for persons with disabilities however we have since discovered we can not use it!

Pit style outhouses are no longer allowed, yes grandfathered ones are still ok however as I extensively renovated this one its now deemed new and as such not allowed.

In order for us to use it we have to have a black water holding tank underneath it!

No problem!

Why do we need a disable bathroom at a Glampsite?

Well, it has always been our aim to offer our luxury camping services to everyone and we want to be one of the first fully inclusive semi remote camping experiences for folks with limited mobility in BC!

Our tents, our forest and our communal areas are all easy for people to get around and having a bathroom with extra space and oversized door meant all of our amenities could be used!

By buying something from us you will help make this happen!

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