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Disability Access

Having worked as a senior recreation manager and host at the Cold-Water Ranch Lodge and Abilitas Foundation near Merrit BC as well as a recreation therapy assistant for Interior Health I am well aware of the need for high quality facilities with access for people with limitations and disabilities.

Actually, the whole concept of our Adventure Equipment Rental business is based on providing access to multi barriered people and in the future, we will be launching our own society where we aim to provide Outdoor Recreation Therapy to those who need.

Both myself and Nik who has a strong work history supporting people with dementia are excited to work with local organizations to help offer our facilities and services.

Tent Access

All of out 5m Bell tents have a extra wide door access and flat entry allowing access to multiple ability modes.

There is plenty of room inside the tents and the real queen beds have sufficient room at the sides for assistance to be given getting in and out.


Trails and Walkways

We pride ourselves on being a luxury campsite set in a rustic farming community where we embrace the local farming lifestyle and we don’t want any of our guests to not experience this.

Our tent locations are at the top end of an active farmer’s field and are all situated on cleared flat ground that is accessible by any mode. We have a beautiful cop of woods behind us and there is a groomed trail that runs through it, it does have hills and some obstacles however it is accessible and offers every guest the chance to be in nature.

While we do not allow permanent vehicle access at the tent locations exceptions will be made for support vehicles.


Shower and toilets

All of our guests have access to our outhouse and converted horse trailer shower facility and there is no exception for those with limited mobility!

Our outhouse is extra large and has a 38-inch door, the sink is low and both are accessible via our ramped low deck.

The shower is also extra-large and is accessible via the wood deck and is outfitted with a bench and handrails.


Senior Guests

When was the last time the senior folks in your life went real camping?

Our bell tent rentals make it exceptionally easy and comfortable for all ages!

Our entire Glampsite is on flat easy access ground has lots of sunny and shady spaces and is exceptionally peaceful!

Everyone is welcome!

Let's Work Together

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