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Agritourism & Tours

We are extremely fortunate to be situated on part of a piece of beautiful Agricultural Land that is part of the working farming community and we aim to merge the luxury of Glamping with the rural farming lifestyle.


Each of our tents and our communal areas contain herb and vegetable planters which we encourage you to water with your grey water from your dishes and other waste.


These herb planters contain everything you need for creating some stunning back country meals, you will find rosemary – great for making herb encrusted pork ribs and smashed garlic rosemary potatoes, mint and basil to add to a cool iced drink, basil, sage, lemon thyme as well as lavender, citronella and tomatoes!


Go ahead and knock up some bruschetta with fresh basil, tomato and some garlic from our farming neighborhood friends!


Need more in the way of food goodness then we can help there too, on your Guide Tablet you will find a list of local farmers who can provide a wicked array of local produce from blueberries, bacon, cheeses and honey to exotic mushrooms – eating here is better than at any restaurant.


Also found on your Guide Tablet is some great information about the 100 mile diet as well as farms and vendors who support the Farm to Table movement.

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