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The Bush Bath

Having an Autumn party or looking for something unique and romantic?

Well, our Wood Fired Mobile Hot Tub could be what you have been looking for!

The trailer/tub uses a purpose-built wood stove that has a series of pipes that allows water to pass through where it is heated. The hot water slowly rises into the tub where cooler water is sucked in and a process call “Thermocycling” occurs. Eventually over about four or five hours the tub is steaming hot!

The custom-built cedar tub insert is made of cedar and when it gets hot from the water emits a beautiful cedar smell and this combined with the smell of wood burning and autumn is like bathing in aromatherapy!

I can bring the tub to you, fill it and get it going for you or you can just tow it away yourself.

Please note that it does not come full and you will need a water and wood source, we have a water pump, hose, invertor (low noise) generator and wood at a small addition cost if required.

We are also able to transport water to where you wish the tub to be, we can either follow you or we bring two trucks!

Prices start at $150 per night for an empty hot tub, we have a two-night minimum for nights that include either Fri, Sat, or Sun but all other days you can rent for one night!

If you rent for a seven-night period we give you two of these nights for free!

The water pump, hose and generator are an additional cost of $35 per night and we are able to supply up to a ¼ of split wood for $50!

Delivery and set up of hot tub are free within 25k of the city of Vernon boundary then $1 per K after that.

If you require it to be set up and filled in a remote location and need water bringing in, please ask for a quote!

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